Partnering with Tony Hawk HEXBUG® has released an entirely new generation of finger board toys! Not only can kids roll around the table on their finger-sized skateboard... but now they can mount a powered axle on the bottom and turn their seemingly ordinary fingerboard into a motorized remote control skateboard! Perform tricks, grind down the rails or jump off of the orange translucent ramps... these remote control skateboards are sure to be the next big craze for kids of all ages!

As a member of the HEXBUG® Design Team, I got to work on the entire line of Circuit Boards™ packaging. Together we branded these remote control skateboards with one of Tony Hawk's signature ramp jumps, a blue wood grain pattern to mimic a brand new skate deck and diagonal skewed type to symbolize movement and a entirely new direction for finger boards.

Other Contributors: HEXBUG® Design Team

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