HEXBUG® and VEX® Robotics teamed up to launch a brand new line of construction sets. Now kids can actually build their favorite HEXBUG®! These sets all come with a series of connecting plastic pieces that can be snapped together to build all four different sets. Once the bug is complete it can even be remote controlled to walk or roll around the room.

When creating this website I wanted to give the user a fast-loading yet very interactive site. As you scroll down the page the user is educated on how the toys work and all of the various elements that go into the construction of a HEXBUG® toy. The bottom of the page also centers around the S.T.E.M. education movement as we aim to introduce kids at a young age to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Also, a hovering navigation bar at the top of the page can progress the user through the site without the use of a scroll bar.

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