VEX® Robotics has now grown into a variety of different products spreading across multiple markets and price ranges. The platform was originally designed as an education product allowing students to build robots as a part of an engineering curriculum. It later grew into a series of national and world-wide competitions that challenge students to compete against one another for the title of “World Champion!” Now the latest addition to the VEX® platform are our retail market VEX® by HEXBUG® toys. These kits allow kids to build their favorite HEXBUGs and remote control them around the room.

The company quickly realized that with the ever-growing foundation of VEX® we needed to set a landing page in place that can direct visitors to either of the three different avenues... Home, Education and Competition. This site is very simple but direct. No matter what the user may be looking for, there should be a quick and easy route to the VEX® Robotics platform that is right for them.


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