Working with AirGo Miles I never expected the company to take off as it has. We went from a startup last year to sponsoring the Emmy Awards exactly a year later! Serving as their creative director has brought me some really fun opportunities, but none compare to editing together two tv commercials… Take a look!

30 Second Commercial - “Dreaming of Travel”

Emily Haring is one of the most talented digital content producers and videographers that I know! She and I got to tag-team on this first commercial… plus she got to star! Watch her life unfold as she shares how much she has always dreamed of travel, and who has now made that possible!

15 Second Commercial - “Be Like Dave”

Dave… He may seem like any other intern at your office… but what sets him apart is how many AirGo Miles he has now earned and how he plans to use them! Watch Dave dance his way out of the office on his way to Hawaii!